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Galvanized and/or PVC coated wires are used for manufacturing welded roll fence, welded mesh, chain link fence, hexagonal netting, barbed wire, razor wire, badger fence, coiled wire, poultry, rabbit, deer and wildlife fence, windscreen and wire mesh sieve which are used in agriculture and animal husbandry and in protection of schools, military places and industrial areas, environmental protection and construction sectors.

Galvanizli Yuvarlak Tel - R Teli

Fence Wire

Fence Wire The fence wire is coated with zinc using hot-dip galvanizing method for ensuring resistance to corrosion. Steel wire rods compatible with SAE 1006, SAE 1008 and SAE 1010 ...
PVC Kaplı Tel

PVC Insulated Wire

PVC Coated Wire These products are manufactured to ensure better protection against corrosion compared to standard galvanized steel wires. PVC-coated wires comply with BS EN 10245-2:2011 standard. Mass of zinc ...