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Our Vision
To value our customers as a highly competent, reliable and competitive solution provider with a highly talented and experienced technical and commercial employees. İLKE ÇELİK is an independent and ethical manufacturer of galvanized steel wire. Not only are  we well aware of the importance of sustainable development, we have currently implemented a long term plan to help fullfil our obligation to sustainability  whilst staying as profitable business. This is realized with the help of the regulations set by ISO 9001:2008  QMS .
Our Mission
Building on our technical and commercial expertise, we responsibly provide the best quality  of products related to the galvanized steel wire industry in order to create ever-increasing value to our customers, employees and shareholders.
Our Values
  • Customer care & satisfaction
  • Ethical behavior
  • Never compromising on quality
  • Respect for people / the Nature
  • Empowerment
  • Continual improvement
  • Teamwork
Quality Policy
Our main goal is “Total customer Satisfaction” as well as  excellence in product quality. Also our QMS is in compliance with ISO9001:2008.

Our customer’s in accordance with their statuary and regulatory requirements are kept satisfied as a result of the collective effort of our competent personnel which include the top management and shareholders.

At Ilke Çelik we uphold many principles. These principles are mainly; customer focus, leadership, involvement of peoples, process approach, systems approach, factual decision, mutually beneficial relationship with our suppliers and continual improvement. This inturn guides us to set up and develop our objectives that are reviewed periodically for continual suitability.

We are committed to meeting the requirements by providing the best quality of products and maintaining continual improvement of our Quality Management System’s overall effectiveness.


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